For real though I can’t stand that people constantly say shit about the Kardashians.

Like let me ask you a serious question. When was the last time you went to a family reunion and thought, “Wow, all my relatives are really normal.”

Really need to re-build my music collection now that I have a computer that can handle me keeping my music collection on it. But whenever I think about doing it I think about all the music that I want to listen to but don’t have time to listen to and then I just turn off whatever I’m listening to and pretend that music doesn’t exist because it’s just easier that way.

Fondly remembers when everyone called Lana Winters a “sell out” instead of recognizing her as a victim of sexual and mental abuse who was using fame and fortune as a coping mechanism.


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I’m tired
I need you badly
I’m wild-eyed
In my misery, yeah yeah

crosses fingers and hopes that roller derby crush has a cute raspy voice


Why is Nora’s most famous quote

"life’s too short for so much sorrow"

when there’s gems like this;image




we’re up all night to get l

axatives for this horrible diarrhea

if you’re about to take laxatives for diarrhea then I’ve got some urgent news for you comrade

Stef and Lena Adams Fosters, Mother (2x06)