I just have a really bad feeling about what’s going on with my body.  A really bad feeling.  And I keep thinking about what she would always tell people when they asked her to hang on. “I’ve never envisioned myself growing up. I just know I won’t be around for it.”  And she wasn’t.  She’s already gone.  It got me thinking, hearing that, I don’t really see myself being around for very long either.  I can think about the future and what I’d like to do, but I just don’t feel like I’ll be around for it.  And it terrifies me.  Absolutely and completely terrifies me.  So if she can be right, what’s stopping me from being right too?

  1. prolethean said: perhaps it’s a bit of the idea of self-fulfilling prophecy. and/or you can believe in fate, but you can also believe that you have the power to change it, if you want to and if you try. so I guess maybe the question really is do you want to try?
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